Art-SenCe was founded in the year 2006 by Gon Wetzels and Gonny Pol. Our goal is to combine different disciplines and approaches to develop innovative and surprising objects that tickle the senses.

Arrêt d’œil
Unconventional room dividers and screens of different sizes, materials and function invite you to play with room and space. We designed a classical screen with beautiful embroidery, as well as an off-beat ‘waterscreen’ and several non-fabric screens.

Amuses d’œil
An amuse d’oeil is (not) a box, it is (not) a statuette. Our  amuses d’oeil  are a pleasure to the eye, eye-appetizers, made of anything between paper and metal. Many of them have a rich, creamy filling of painted or  in miniature  books written texts to get your teeth into. Some of our amuses are customized and personal.

Art-SenCe has produced a short story Het zijn en waar vind ik eetbare besjes in two editions, as well as a series of six to-the-point nanothrillers and nanoromances called pneutjes.

Eat more art
From the thought that art is not merely luxury but an everyday need, Art-SenCe in collaboration with designer Willem Tredgett has developed an installation called Eat more art where art, music, literature and food and drink meet each other in Faceboeken, Tinggs, Lezingbloemen, Opstekers, Smuzedoekjes and Pointers. Enjoy your meal !